How to make kerala style natholi curry

Natholi fish coconut curry

(Anchovy fish)

Natholi fish is a storehouse of calcium.  Malayalees also says chooda fish.  Bloodless fish is this.

Necessary supplies

Natholi fiah - half kg

Coconut - half a piece

Green chillies - 4 nos

Ginger - small one 

Small onion - 5 nos

Curry leaves - 3 nos 

Turmeric powder - half a teaspoon

Chili powder - 2 tsp

 Kudampuli (Thottupuli) -3 small pieces 

Water - enough

 Salt - as you needed

How to prepare.

Take a saucepan of finely chopped and wash the natholi fish.Divide green chillies in half.  Add small onion, ginger, chilli powder and turmeric powder.  Then add curry leaves.  Then add half of coconut grind with water. Then add the kudampuli soaked in water. Then add a little coconut oil, enough salt and bring to a boil. The cury is ready. This is kerala ( gods own country ) recipe.

Kudampuli - it is Garcinia cambogia but commonly referred to as Fish Tamarind, Kerala Tamarind. Other name  Gambooge, Brindal Berry and Gorikapuli.

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