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 Return bread 

Return bread is a light breakfast.  It is mostly made of wheat.

Necessary supplies

Wheat flour -2 cup

Salt - to taste

Water - as needed

Coconut crumbs - enough

Sugar - enough

How to prepare

Take a  bowl of wheat flour, pour a little water over it and add enough salt.  Then mix it well. If the water is low, add a little water and mix well.  Stir until the dough is fluffy.  Try not to clot.  Then take grinded coconut, add enough sugar and mix well.  When the dough is hot, add a spoonful of flour and roll it out.  When the cake breaks on one side, put it back on the next side.  Then mix a little coconut and sugar and spread it on half of the cake.  Then fold the cake in such a way that the coconut comes inside.  Then cut both the sides.  After that it can be eaten hot.

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