Tasty Sharja shake

 Sharjah Shake

In hot weather, it would be nice to have a quick Sharjah shake and drink. But let's make one, shall we?

Necessary supplies-

Small banana-3 nos

The milk thickens - a cover

Sugar - enough

Boost‌ Sample Pack - 2 covers

Oats - 3 tsp fried

Enough ice cream

How to prepare

Small banana Peel and cut it, then put it in a mixi jar.  Add 4 teaspoons of sugar and beat well. Then add the condensed milk and mix well. Add two sample cover boost add it and beat again.  Do not be like a lot of water.  Then heat a frying pan, add 3 tbsp oats and fry.  Then pour the Sharjah Shake into a glass and place a scoop of ice cream on top of it and sprinkle enough roasted oats on top. Sprinkle a little more boost  on top of it.  So a simple Sharjah shake is ready

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