Covid Crisis

 The Covid crisis is now affecting the country to a great extent.  Many states, including Kerala, are still not free from the second wave.  After this, the third wave will come soon, said a member of the Financial Commission, Dr.  V.  K.  As Paul makes clear.  He says the third wave has started to be reported in many parts of the world and can be expected in India soon.

 VK said the third wave could be fatal if the defenses adopted following the second wave fail.  Paul warned.

 He also urged India to be vigilant as 390,000 cases are reported daily in the world following the third wave of Covid.  He also pointed out that the three important Covid protocols, such as keeping a distance of 6 feet, wearing a mask and extensive vaccination, can help prevent the spread of the next wave.

 According to a forecast by IIT Kanpur based on a mathematical model, the third wave of Covid is expected to reach its peak in India by September.

 According to this mathematical model, 2 lakh to 5 lakh Covid cases can be expected per day in this wave.  At the height of the second wave, Covid cases reached as many as 4 lakh mail a day.  During the first wave of Covid, the number of Covid cases rose to 98,000 per day.

 Health experts say India will not face the same high incidence of the second wave as the third wave if vaccination is widespread.  But even 10 per cent of the Indian population has not yet been given two doses of vaccination.  According to the Union Ministry of Health, 39 crore doses of vaccines were distributed in India till July 14.  About 7.33 crore people received two doses of the vaccine.  But it makes up only 7.8 per cent of the total population.  Many states are complaining that there is not enough vaccine available.

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