Tasty Ela ada, banana leaves, Valsan, kerala food

 Banana bread

   Banana leaf bread is a breakfast made with wheat flour.  It tastes good and is healthy.  Wheat, coconut, sugar and banana leaves are used to make this bread.  It does not lose any of its benefits as it is steamed.  The bread can also be made with rice flour.  This bread is also good to eat with evening tea.

Items required

 Wheat flour - 2 cup

 Sugar - 2 tbsp

 Coconut - shredded in half

 Banana leaves - enough

 Water - enough

 Salt - to taste

 How to prepare

 Take 2 cups of wheat flour in a bowl.  Add enough salt and mix well.  Pour enough water to mix well.  Then take out the banana leaves and spread the wheat flour on the banana leaves and rub it with coconut and sugar.  Then fold the leaf in half.  Then steam for 10 minutes.  It is also good to eat with evening tea.

 In Kerala,it is also known as Ela ada, Valsan.  This is a delicious and healthy food.

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