Almond is good for dog?

Almond is good for canine(dog)

      The short answer is no, canines can't eat almonds, even though your canine may have eaten an almond or two before and felt good. While almonds are non-toxic, they are not well cared for by canines' stomach-related structures and can create barriers. ... This is what you should think about almonds and canines.

Almond oil was awesome for canine(dog)

      Canines can eat almond oil given to treat skin problems internally. Similar to peanut butter, margarine and almond oil should be given a certain restriction.

Almonds can block the canine's throat, digestive organs, or windpipe, especially in smaller species. ... Taste and taste can damage your canine’s stomach, and the salt in the taste can indicate water retention and salt toxicity whenever it is too hot.

Frozen ice cream, Badam and tender coconut

     Here is a straightforward translation of Ice-cream. If you feel that the cold ice cream is too frozen, you can add coconut milk or stir once in a blender before resetting.


  • Almonds: 25 (wet 5-6 hours)
  • Sensitive coconut: Remove the white of 1 full coconut and cut into pieces
  • Jaggery powder: according to taste (about 3-5 tsps)


  • After the almonds are soaked, remove the skin, dish and then simmer in a blender lightly.
  • Stir in the coconut pieces again.
  • Stir in the coconut and almonds together.p Add a touch of water if necessary to grind to smooth the glue
  • Add jaggery powder as you like
  • Add not too many sliced ​​almond slices like fixing and freezing
  • Remove from the heat and fill like frozen ice cream

Log value of Badam tree

Indian badam

     Almond is a deciduous tree, growing 4-10 m in stem, with a trunk up to 30 cm in diameter. The young shots sprout from the ground, purplish when introduced at noon, then, at that time, fade away the following year. The long leaves have a watery edge and a petiole. The flowers are white to light pink, have five petals, are presented separately or in pairs and appear before the leaves in late winter.

The product of the almond is the drupe, which combines the outer texture with the hard shell of the seed, which is by no means a real nut, inside. This is an edible piece of almond tree, widely consumed around the world such as raw nuts, boiled or salted tidbits and wonderfully prepared to prepare almond flour and almond oil, for use in cooking and recreational purposes.

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